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Light and Design Group offer innovative and quality lighting solutions through leading local and international lighting manufacturers.

Our Team

  • A Rob Sheppard 1 A Rob Sheppard 2
    Rob Sheppard
  • B Simon Casagrande 1 B Simon Casagrande 2
    Simon Casagrande
  • C Roland Poon 1 C Roland Poon 2
    Roland Poon
  • E Phil Mc Keough 1 E Phil Mc Keough 2
    Phil McKeough
  • F Andy Edwards 1 F Andy Edwards 2
    Andy Edwards
  • G Sandi Mullin 1 G Sandi Mullin 2
    Sandi Mullin
  • H Jes Guintu 1 H Jes Guintu 2
    Jes Guintu
  • I Barry Hanrahan 1 I Barry Hanrahan 2
    Barry Hanrahan

What our clients and partners say

We are built on the backs of motivated professionals who are dedicated to the ongoing success of the business and our business partners.

We are motivated.

We are a well known lighting supplier within the lighting, electrical engineering, architectural and design industry.

We are technical.

We have curated an International and Australian exclusive product portfolio of Commercial and Residential solutions.

We are international.